You can race your NFT Dogs in DoRac’s Quests and Adventures, which are interactive

You can race your NFT Dogs in DoRac's Quests and Adventures, which are interactive

You can race your NFT Dogs in DoRac’s Quests and Adventures, which are interactive

Playing DoRac, one of the first games in the metaverse where you may earn crypto by playing, is an enjoyable experience. This is a far more enjoyable game than the point-and-click racing games that are so prevalent in the crypto gaming market. Players use their pack to win races and compete against their opponents.

DoRac Metaverse & Gameplay

The DoRac metaverse hosts daily races, tournaments, and even championships in which participants compete with their own NFT-verified dogs. These events are powered by the Unity game engine. As part of the DoRac ecosystem, virtual worlds allow users to breed, train, and race their dogs in a virtual world.

An MMORPG-like vibe will be given to the game, with interactive quests and adventures, thanks to its own roaming feature. In addition to leaderboards for the fastest track speeds, side quests, and other players, gamers can expect a tonne of community-engaging content. Visitors and individuals with a Doracian ID will be able to enter the DoRac metaverse. Visitors, on the other hand, will have limited access to the metaverse, but they will be able to take part in races.

DoRac is introducing ‘Smart NFTs,’ which allow the attributes of each dog to be changed based on training and racing without having to be re-minted, to the use of NFTs in gaming. Players will be able to save money on gas and streamline aspects of dog ownership, breeding, and training.

Dog Racing

There will be eight to twelve dogs competing in the dog races, all hoping to be the first to cross the finish line. Each virtual Smart NFT dog will have its own set of characteristics, and each race will be decided by three elements. RNG technology, the physical features of each dog, such as weight, agility, stamina, and luck, and each player’s strategic approach to the ‘extra stamina’ utilization mechanism are all factors in the game’s design…

Additional Benefits

Races may be viewed, championships can be held, and more is on the way from the DoRac development team. At the time of its introduction, its IDO will have minimal market capitalization.

Tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain, $DORC and $DRT will be used to train and feed dogs, compete in races, cover dog breeding expenses and engage in the DoRac metaverse.

Are you up for the challenge?

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