Travel to Mars with the Denizen NFTs on their Non-Fungible Mission to Save the World

Travel to Mars with the Denizen NFTs on their Non-Fungible Mission to Save the World

Travel to Mars with the Denizen NFTs on their Non-Fungible Mission to Save the World

In the far future of the year 2100, a partnership between man and monsters has resulted in 9,999 of Earth’s ‘denizens’ shooting out to the planet Mars. This is their big mission: to terraform and inhabit the red planet in order to establish a brand-new cosmic paradise on the planet. The space-faring mission, which was an impressive project with just one flaw, was infiltrated by a group of mischievous extraterrestrials during its journey across space. One of the most outlandish and cunning groups of plotters you’ll ever meet, they’re hell-bent on derailing the expedition and putting a stop to this earthling endeavor.

As a result, Denizen will symbolise both the finest that the planet has to offer and the most repulsive of the alien species. A wonderful collection of interactive designer toys, as well as the next big hope for the non-fungible cosmos, where membership will provide access to an entire ecosystem of Web3 pleasure. In addition to providing collectors with a unique position inside the ever-expanding metaverse, the game grants them special abilities.


A Raft of Non-Ferrous Transitions (NFTs) for Space Travel

The Denizen collection consists of 9,999 spacesuit-clad people, monsters, and aliens, all of whom are produced in stunning high-resolution 3D animated brilliance by the renowned studio. A single brilliantly interactive model is created by algorithmically assembling hundreds of discrete components to form a single, stunningly detailed model. Denizen has a kaleidoscope of exotic species, including humans, aliens, apes, fish, and cats, which collectors will delight in. All of this is garnished with a variety of stunning clothing and accessories.


Initially, this primordial collection of space-faring non-fungibles will be sent through a blind drop, with photos and rarity levels to be delivered at a later date. Nonetheless, Denizens will make use of Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF), which will provide provably random properties that can be verified on-chain, in order to assure the authenticity of this great reveal.


The exact date of Denizen’s release is still a tightly kept secret. Those with a burning desire to know more should keep an eye on the project’s social media accounts for the most up-to-date information. When they do come, whitelist members will mint for 0.08 ETH each, with a public mint for only 0.1 ETH each following immediately after them.


There is a complete money-back guarantee.

They are so sure in their space exploration mission that they will let everyone who purchased a collectible return it in exchange for a full refund, no questions asked, after the great unveiling of their spacecraft. A long-term strategy that will allow for reasonably risk-free collecting while also maintaining a constant floor price as the collection acquires pace is needed.


The Denizens’ Long-Term Prospects

All Denizen owners will get access to the very unique project metaverse after they have purchased their own Denizen. The club provides an excellent atmosphere for members to meet, show their treasures, and chat with one another. While looking to the future, the team has set up a number of intriguing collaborations with well-known brands, artists, and designers, among others. Everything combined will lead to stunning new designs and advertising material for the Denizens realm in the future. When everything else fails, a broad assortment of Denizen-themed items will be available on the market in the coming months.


At the end, which side will emerge as the winner? Will Earth’s best and brightest be able to overcome the extraterrestrial threat? Alternatively, will the extraterrestrial plague annihilate all that stands in its way? Right now, anyone’s estimate is as good as mine!


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