The Pawn Bots NFT Cinematography Foray Expands DeFi Vision

The Pawn Bots NFT Cinematography Foray Expands DeFi Vision

The Pawn Bots NFT Cinematography Foray Expands DeFi Vision

Now that a bear market is on the horizon, it’s time for the unaffected and uncorrelated assets of the NFT world to start proving their value. Projects in this category, whether they be Punk, Ape, or Doodle, are typically considered to be of the ‘Blue Chip’ sort. The more technical, HiFi protocol-adopting assets of the Pawn Bots have brought themselves into the convocation amid accelerating DeFi and blockchain advances.

Pawn Bots’ Vision

It is possible for owners to store value in their assets by holding them or, alternatively, to utilize their assets as collateral to borrow liquid monies without difficulty from the Pawn Bots, which is a group of uncorrelated NFTs. HiFi’s fixed-rate, fixed-term lending protocol works well with Pawn Bot NFTs.

Mainframe ($MFT) token holders will be able to mint a Pawn Bot (at a TBD date), which they will be able to redeem back into $MFT via the project’s buyback guarantee (as freely as they wish). Pawn Bots are one of the few ‘low-risk investments in high-risk times’ that don’t necessitate a massive amount of capital to purchase because of their unique combination of adaptability and utility.

It follows the CryptoPunks’ philosophy in two ways, the first being that investors were able to mint a Punk for free during the bear market of 2018 to 2020 (with only $6 gas fees to pay), and the second being that Punks have gone on to be formidable, uncorrelated assets that can maintain financial value regardless of market turmoil.

Foray into cinematography by Pawn Bots

Pawn Bots has released its first 3D animated NFT movie to demonstrate its grasp of what the NFT community appreciates in not only asset utility, but in projects as a whole.

Using a Pawn Bot, the film brings the ‘birds and the bees talk’ conundrum to life in the context of NFTs, a notion that every NFT enthusiast would appreciate. We notice Mutant Apes and a Moonbird in the background. There is also an in-joke about one of 2022’s biggest pop-culture events (see if you can spot it).

With its comic intent and the presence of NFTs that are utterly uncorrelated to the market, the film is aimed to showcase the Pawn Bots project’s ambition and its desire for community members to enjoy a blockchain-related income that isn’t affected by market conditions.

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