The OpenSea Ecosystem is explored by the Monkey League.

The OpenSea Ecosystem is explored by the Monkey League.

The OpenSea Ecosystem is explored by the Monkey League.

Only the top quality projects are included in OpenSea’s BETA debut while it gets to grips with the world of Solana. Monkey League is one such amazing endeavor that is deserving of this incredible honor. As a result, these rambunctious monkeys have sailed onto the OpenSea market.

Fans of the soccer-crazed Simians may now trade gen zero assets on the world’s largest NFT platform, which boasts of being one of the most well-designed and promising ventures on the Solana blockchain. Furthermore, Monkey League will soon finish its certification procedure and add the crucial blue checkmark to the proceedings, further cementing its credentials.

In the Monkey League, prove your worth

Monkey League is a fast-paced, turn-based football simulation in which players use the power of NFTs to win. Each team consists of four individuals, each with a unique set of skills and abilities. NFT owners must cultivate their players off the field in order to get the best outcomes.

Furthermore, stadium ownership and attendance both play a role in the equation, with both providing the significant potential to participate in the rewards. It is on the pitch that lives are won and lost. However, there is a gigantic arena where heroes are forged and epic tales of bravery and courage are penned.

Navigating (the) OpenSea using NFTs

The Monkey League Gen Zero collection has arrived in its whole as a consequence of this superb addition to the OpenSea marketplace. With a current trading volume of 77k SOL ($7.5m) and a still-affordable 4.8 SOL ($468) floor price. However, Monkey League developers advise care when using the platform. So make sure it’s the real stuff before you plunk out for that ultimate Monkey League buy.

A Fortunate Soul gets a free NFT

In addition, the luckiest degens have a chance to win a free Gen Zero NFT to commemorate this great new chapter in the Monkey League tale. Simply follow, add, and share the OpenSea announcement on the Monkey League Twitter feed, then relax and wait for the drawing to begin. After that, one lucky individual will receive a free NFT as compensation for their difficulties.

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