The Crypto Card Club uses Web3 Loyalty

The Crypto Card Club uses Web3 Loyalty

The Crypto Card Club uses Web3 Loyalty

Imagine a world where every important Web3 purchase would come with its own crypto rewards. Members of an exclusive club can go there to get top-notch market information. At the same time, smart trading decisions lead to amazing experiences in the real world. If all of that has made you curious, you might want to look into the “Crypto Card Club.”

Harrison Bishop, a visionary at Web3, came up with the idea for Crypto Card Club. Its goal is to reward people who are already familiar with blockchain. It does this by taking them on a journey of loyalty card bonuses and exclusive deals for members only. When a Web3 owner makes a trade with an official Web3 partner, they get $C3 tokens, which they can then trade for tasty, real-world goods.

Engagement NFTs for the Crypto Card Club

To join this exclusive, high-end group of NFT pioneers, you must first buy a Crypto Card Club NFT, which will come in the form of a beautiful digital loyalty card in the near future. In total, three tiers of cards will be made available to the public. They will be released in a blind mint, and only later will we find out how good they are.

Once a person has a Crypto Card, they can join the Crypto Card Club. They will be able to get trading advice from experts and get priority spots on a “white list.” All of this is on top of getting a great return on purchases and a great lesson in how to run an NFT project. A great set of member benefits that add up to a value of well over $100,000.


The Crypto Card Club will make sure that its loyalty program is only open to the best and highest-quality projects. So, the team will check out each collection on its own before adding it to the group. So far, members can unlock more ways to make money by collecting a wide range of blue-chip items. Currently playing with bands like Moonbirds, Mfers, World of Women, 3Landers, and many more!

Advantages and chances

Depending on the level of NFT they own, people who use Web3 will earn fantastic coins. All the while, they increased their chances of making money by staking their hard-earned $C3 tokens. Then, if they want, the owners can trade that powerful coin for even better chances. Among them are VIP passes to Coachella, vacations in the Bahamas, and a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix that you will never forget.

Not only that, but people who are active in the community can also win amazing prizes just for spreading the word about the project. So, people who share information on social media and tell their friends about it can all get a piece of the pie. Note the tweet below for more information:

A Map That Hasn’t Been Taken

The Crypto Card Club is getting ready to start its five-step plan, which has been very well thought out. So, the lively new Web3 group will start things off with their genesis NFT drop and the big reveal. Then, it will give people access to its analytics tools and networking opportunities. After that, it will start great benefits and discount program and talk about how much money it’s $C3 token can make. It will end by making it possible to finally spend that tasty currency.

So, take a moment to think about what the Crypto Card Club could do for you, and think carefully before you buy your next NFT.

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