Sunmi NFT Collection – Sunmiya Club is the 10000 NFT(PFP) Project

Sunmi NFT Collection – Sunmiya Club is the 10000 NFT(PFP) Project

The Sunmiya Club, a membership organization for women in the domestic market, will issue up to 10,000 PFPs for its members. These PFPs will be made up of community members. The NFT market is growing rapidly. The Sunmiya community is the largest in the world. It is the first to launch a female artist in the domestic market. How many NFTs does the club hold? Here you will get the Sunmi NFT Overview for clarification and reason to get bought.

The company has also introduced collector-sized NFT transactions, which involve purchases of tens of thousands of NFTs. As of December 26, 2021, collector-sized NFT transactions made up almost 10% of total transactions. This figure was under 1% a month ago. Institutional-sized NFT transactions are about five hundred per week and represent 0.6% of the market.

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Sunmi NFT Collection

After collaborating with Metakongz on the first-ever NFT release, Sunmi is now collaborating with the Chinese animation studio for a second NFT release. This time, the two artists have decided to collaborate on the new Invisible Friends collection. This collection features more than 5000 animated invisible characters. The collaboration with Metakongz will also help promote the new collection.

Sunmi NFT Overview - Sunmiya Club is the 10000 NFT(PFP) Project

Sunmi NFT collection is owned by a 3.8K owner as of now. Its currently trending volume is 5.5 M as per OpenSea.

A collection of ten pieces of digital art of former President Donald Trump has been announced by the First Lady. Each piece will be limited to 500 to 1,750 editions. The POTUS NFT Collection will be available for 72 hours, and each item is worth between five and ten thousand NFTs. As of January 15, the collection will sell for more than a million dollars and be the most valuable NFT collection.

In order to make this technology accessible to everyone, SUNMI created the Sunmi App Store. The App Store is a platform for developers to create IoT applications. It’s the largest commercial app store in the world, with over 10,000 apps and over 100 industries covered. Applications include food delivery, payments, tax control, and retail. To date, there have been over ten thousand NFT projects developed.

Who is singer Sunmi?

As a solo artist, Sunmi debuted on February 17, 2014, with her hit single “Talalay.” She also had a successful solo career and is a member of the Wonder Girls. She earned her fifth top-five single on the world digital song sales chart, “Five.” Although the name Sunmi has been widely recognized, there are still many unknown facts about her life. Here are some facts about Sunmi, her career, and her fans.

When she debuted with Wonder Girls, Sunmi was not even supposed to go by her real name. She had to go by stage names such as “Berry,” “IC,” and “Silver”. When she was training with the group, she practiced while other trainees ate. This meant that she felt inferior and isolated. She later revealed that she wanted to go by her real name. In addition, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and left Wonder Girls after the group broke up. However, she signed a record deal with MakeUs Entertainment and released her first solo single, “24 Hours,” in August 2017.

In 2017, Sunmi disbanded Wonder Girls and signed with Make us Entertainment. She released her debut single, “Gashina,” in August 2017. The track became a smash hit, surpassing 24 Hours’ peak. In 2018, Sunmi also signed with a major record company, and she is releasing her first album in 2021. She has a huge following and continues to be an important player in the Korean music industry.

Where to Buy Sunmi NFT?

If you are wondering about where to Buy Sunmi NFT then you must visit the Opensea NFT Marketplace. Opensea is the best place to buy NFT in a genuine way. Check out the OpenSea NFT Marketplace here.

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