‘Stranger Things’ NFTs are teased by Netflix and Candy Digital

'Stranger Things' NFTs are teased by Netflix and Candy Digital

‘Stranger Things’ NFTs are teased by Netflix and Candy Digital

Stranger Things, Netflix’s ever-popular science fiction horror show, is poised to release an NFT collection ahead of its fourth season. To help with the debut, the streaming platform has partnered with Candy Digital, an NFT platform that will also be handling the project’s marketing campaign.

When fans of the series came upon an ‘iamhellsmaster’ website, word of the launch spread quickly. The site now has a minimalist, on-brand style, with a digital clock ticking down to 1 a.m. BST on April 30th as its focal point. Visitors are also met with a notice that reads, “Congrats for solving the secrets and joining Stranger Things 4’s interactive curiosity adventure, given to you by Candy Digital and Netflix,” while attempting to explore the site further.

Visitors who subscribe to the project’s email list are tempted with the following description: “immerse yourself in the mystery by deciphering messages, solving riddles, and even collecting rewards along the way.”

For the time being, such information is all that has been released, leaving it unclear if April 30th will witness the real drop of NFTs or only a promotional event such as the establishment of a whitelist. That being said, we do know that the actual TV series will premiere over the course of the summer and that it will be split into two parts due to its supersized nature.

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