OpenSea Extends Its Power by Acquiring Gems

OpenSea Extends Its Power by Acquiring Gems

OpenSea Extends Its Power by Acquiring Gems

OpenSea, the industry’s largest NFT provider, has shown its muscle once more by purchasing Gem, a high-flying NFT aggregation platform.

OpenSea will attempt to include some of Gem’s ground-breaking features onto its platform through its acquisition, such as the ability to buy several NFTs from other platforms in a single transaction, as well as some of its great analytical tools and rarity-based rating system.

OpenSea made the first mention of a ‘Pro’ experience when presenting the news. A hint that many pundits are reading as a new membership tier on the way. As a result, individuals willing to ‘pony up’ will have access to a larger set of trading tools.

“At OpenSea, our objective is to spread the word about the power and potential of NFTs to as many people as possible.” The OpenSea team noted, “As the NFT community expands, we’ve seen a need to better serve more experienced, “pro” users, as well as give greater freedom and choice to people at all levels of experience.”

Following the purchase, Gem will continue to function as a stand-alone company, pursuing its roadmap at a steady pace. The main difference is that it now has a significant amount of funding behind it and that some of the created capabilities will be included in the OpenSea platform.

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