NiftyDOS – A Retro-Future-Tested Collection of Playable NFTs

NiftyDOS – A Retro-Future-Tested Collection of Playable NFTs

NiftyDOS – A Retro-Future-Tested Collection of Playable NFTs

NiftyDOS delivers you the mind-bending time travel narrative that could only be delivered by 1980s science fiction blockbusters. So get into the closest DeLorean and strap yourself in for the journey of your life.

NiftyDOS is the creation of a group of computer scientists, artists, and dreamers that worked together in a parallel reality during the early 1980s. This philosophy, along with the belief that no two instances of software should be identical, led to the development of 22 innovative (at the time) playable applications, as well as a cutting-edge personal assistant who goes by the name of Mr Pencil, which was released in 2012.


After being miraculously rediscovered and repackaged, the work ofNiftyDOS is now making its way into the 21st Century of this very universe, where it will be distributed via NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, in a concoction of retro and modern technology, in a concoction of retro and modern technology.


NiftyDOS NFTs are a kind of NiftyDOS NFT

For each NiftyDOS NFT purchased, you will get three separate items: a unique collectable NiftyDOS artwork, a Mr Pencil character that is completely unique to you, and access to the NiftyDOS operating system, which includes 22 web-based apps.


In terms of visual representation, each NFT has a one-of-a-kind square artwork piece that is a digital collage comprised of pieces from the NiftyDOS operating system. A distinctive backdrop colour theme, a floating components theme, a visual sample of one of the 22 NiftyDOS Apps, and your very own unique Mr Pencil in the bottom right corner of the digital composition are all included in this package.


When you engage with your customised version of the NiftyDOS operating system, you will be able to communicate with your Mr Pencil Personal Assistant. NiftyDOS is a proprietary operating system developed by Microsoft. Mr Pencil appears when you request it by clicking on the “?” button in the bottom right corner of the operating system. Each Mr Pencil is made up of a variety of characteristics that combine to form his own DNA. The items on this list are a hat or wig; facial hair; glasses; mouths; skin tone; jewellery; collar colour; and pencil base colour. Mr Pencils are one-of-a-kind creations.


Having ownership of a NiftyDOS NFT provides you with access to a customised version of the NiftyDOS operating system (also known as a NiftyDOS NFT). Within OpenSea, you have the ability to immediately access an interactive version of your Operating System (OS). TheNiftyDOS Operating System comes pre-installed with a slew of vintage and sometimes buggy applications that transport us back to the dawn of the personal computer software era. The inclusion of hidden clues and Easter eggs in some of these applications will be beneficial in the resolution of hidden riddles and mysteries.


The ownership of a NiftyDOS NFT will also come with free cat images, as well as “Steve’s UFO Research,” according to a Mr Pencil promotional film released recently.


The Mint is a government-owned corporation

A total of 10,000 NFTs will be available for minting; however, the actual number of NFTs that are minted will be determined by the demand of you, the customer, and will not surpass the maximum limit of 10,000 units in any scenario.


It will take happening on April 28th at 6 p.m. EST, with each NFT costing 0.06 ETH and the minting process taking place at the same time. The silver whitelist for the project (which is still available) will also be granted early access to the mint’s pre-sale privileges.


Apps for the NiftyDOS

Each of the 22 programmes in NiftyDOS takes viewers back to the dawn of the Information Age, with vaporware flair, early Internet graphics, and glitch art woven throughout. While the idea of the applications themselves varies, they all represent a terribly archaic, but entertaining user experience, which may vary from ancient games to odd news to art tools to questionable weather predictions.



Following the NFT mint, NiftyDOS will release a flurry of Easter Egg hidden riddles, with the victors receiving a variety of rewards ranging from Ethereum to NFTs in exchange for their answers. Clues and riddles will be concealed among the applications running on the DOS system. As a bonus, users who win competitions focusing on making artworks, music beats, and other forms of creative output by utilising the applications that are integrated into the NiftyDOS Operating System will be eligible for such awards.


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