NFTulle Collection is Irfan nürmen’s first foray into the NFT arena

NFTulle Collection is Irfan nürmen's first foray into the NFT arena

NFTulle Collection is Irfan nürmen’s first foray into the NFT arena

When it comes to CryptoArt, the possibilities are endless. It is a world of stunning beauty and provocative images where a multitude of worlds converge. Irfan nürmen, a Turkish contemporary art powerhouse, is here to steal the show. With his unique narrative style and on-point cultural assessments, he’s charging into the digital arena. NFTulle and the great art it encompasses are the culmination of this magnificent non-fungible experience.

In his multifaceted NFT project, enigmatic designer Irfan will show off his considerable talents to the world, resulting in an exquisite collection of motifs painted onto delicate tulle fabric and then stacked to make an insightful statement on the current state of society. In addition to being a part of a larger group with special privileges, one that art fans can acquire and collect.

Origins: The Genesis Collection by NFTulle

150 distinct works of art, each signifying a ticket into the larger NFTulle universe and showing off the artist’s remarkable talents, will come at 11 a.m. EST on May 12 as the first installment of NFTulle. There is a 0.4 ETH price tag for each of these high-quality artworks on the official website.

In addition, an NFTulle display will be held in conjunction with the drop to commemorate this momentous occasion. A preview of the designs will be on display at the C24 Gallery in New York City, which is open to the public, on May 12. A special VIP event with the artist himself will then be available to NFT holders.

The Road ahead is littered with pioneering NFTs

NFT holders will be able to participate in a virtual “ask me anything” event with Irfan nürmen in the future. Collectors may get up close and personal with the celebrated artist, gaining valuable insight into how he works.

NFTulle: Noir, the next installment of the project, will be airdropped to NFT: Origins NFT holders later this year and an additional 850 items will be made available for public sale. It will be possible for the owners of one Origin and two Noir NFTs to combine their works and acquire one ‘NFTulle: Legends’ once the project is complete. Voting rights and additional airdrops will subsequently be available to holders. Additionally, you’ll receive a personalized copy of the NFT: Legend’s original artwork.

As a result, there is a lot of unpacking to do, and the collection is due to come soon!

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