NFT Watches from DWISS Set to Dominate the Market

NFT Watches from DWISS Set to Dominate the Market

NFT Watches from DWISS Set to Dominate the Market

Only those who are well-dressed will be noticed when the Web3 revolution takes root. So, what could be better than a stunningly accurate virtual armpiece from DWISS, the world-renowned luxury watchmaker?

DWISS plans to launch 10,000 stunningly displayed NFT watches into orbit around the sun in the not-too-distant future. Fine artifacts that will gain in value as the project progresses. As a result, the group will look into ways to introduce DWISS wearables to Decentraland and The Sandbox and open a virtual retail store in both worlds.

In the future, DWISS plans to incorporate the non-fungible timepieces into its custom augmented reality software. Additionally, the smartwatches incorporate the dial designs as a smartwatch feature, allowing owners to show off their clocks in both the virtual and real worlds.

Fashion NFTs from DWISS

DWISS will launch a massive collection of 10,000 algorithmically created non-fungible tokens at an as-yet-unconfirmed date, each having a fine array of designs and characteristics of different colors and rarity. Web3 and its network of interconnected metaverses are ripe for some high-fashion infusion.

The owner of each watch will gain entrance into the DWISS collectors’ club and have access to special DWISS events and experiences. A DAO-based voting mechanism will allow users to have their say on future designs, as well as entitle them to discounts of up to 15% on the whole DWISS physical product line.

Thereafter DWISS will take only 15% profit while distributing another 15% to the community through other long-term initiatives. Proceeds from mint sales can then be used to fund further development, promotion, and utility.

Physical Watch Giveaway for $500k DWISS

DWISS is going all out with a $500k IRL watch giveaway to commemorate its great entry into the Web3 sphere. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to take home one of 300 DWISS watches. Precision and mechanical creativity are used in the creation of each piece, resulting in a product that is equal parts beautiful and functional.

The first 100 objects, worth an average of $1,000 each, will be delivered to the lucky few immediately following the minting process. Entering is as simple as visiting the DWISS Sweepwidget competition page and registering one’s interest in participating. A vehicle that can also be used to distribute whitelists.

An additional 200 well-tuned chronomantic devices worth roughly $2,000 have been reserved by DWISS. There are only a few available to those who have the good fortune of receiving a Tiffany colour dial.

Design and Conceptualization

Rafael Miranda, the company’s founder and main designer, came up with the idea for DWISS’ non-fungible expansion. His pioneering and inventive compositions have made him a household name in the watch industry. The artistry he has mastered has made him one of the greatest in his area, and this has earned him numerous honours.

Rafael will now go into the digital domain, where he will once again be a pioneer in the field of watchmaking.

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