Mobile-First Tools for Web3 Game Creators are built by Ready Games

Mobile-First Tools for Web3 Game Creators are built by Ready Games

Mobile-First Tools for Web3 Game Creators are built by Ready Games

With the establishment of Ready Games’ new mobile-centric Web3 subsidiary to help bring decentralized gaming and NFTs to the Apple and Google app stores, web3 game development has suddenly gotten a whole lot easier. The new division’s mission is to provide developers, conventional players, and artists with equal access to the delights of Web3 gaming.

Most remarkable is Ready’s ability to allow creators to effortlessly incorporate a shared utility token, known as $AURA, onto the game they are developing. There, developers will be able to use the platform’s readymade developer tools and a full range of live operations for on-chain games to quickly and cost-effectively curate Web3, DeFi-based gaming environments. They’ll also be able to reach a wider audience by making the games available on more traditional app shops.

For the $AURA token, BITKRAFT and Hashed led a $3 million pre-sale investment round, which was also supported by a number of top-tier funds like Tribe, IOSG; Mapleblock Capital; Dweb3; Fundamental Labs; IBA; GSR; Polygon; SnackClub; and Warburg Serre.

In addition to the explicit game production tools, other services will be available to developers, such as insight into how they may use Web3 gaming to add value to their gaming portfolio.

Participants in Ready games will be able to immerse themselves in ‘play and own’ game dynamics that transcend Web2 limits, while artists will benefit from the ability to design and upload custom styles and gadgets that will be available for purchase and trade within the games itself.

Mobile game developers using the Alpha version of the platform have reported integration times from Web2 to Web3 of only five days, demonstrating the company’s six-year track record of success in democratizing technology. On Google Play and Apple Store, the company has been involved in a wide range of projects and small games, with a financing injection in 2019 contributing to the company’s growth and extension of its team and Web3 vision.

A number of large game guilds, including SnackClub, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of web3 games, and the company is now working on partnerships with them.

CEO David Bennahum of Ready Games had this to say about the division’s debut: “As a lifetime gamer, I’m happy to provide game developers the tools and tokenomics to make it feasible to swiftly integrate on-chain. From live operations to loyalty programs and new business models, making Web3 accessible to game companies is extremely difficult. We can’t wait to see what happens next as we work together to create this collaborative environment!

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