In the 90s Now, FRESHA’s Royalty Share NFT Collection

In the 90s Now, FRESHA’s Royalty Share NFT Collection

Fresh and Freskanova, two of the most well-known dance music labels of the 1990s, have decided to merge their talents in order to become Web3 superstars. As part of the launch of a ’90s NOW’ Royalty Share NFT collection, the combined new NFT label will go by the name of FRESHA.

Aiming to transport Web3-come-dance enthusiasts back to the pre-millennial golden age of British dance music, FRESHA’s NFT endeavour is based on the illustrious success of its founding labels, which collectively and through their partnerships with the likes of Sony and Disney produced 18 UK Top 40 Hits (which made Chart No1’s and Radio A Lists).

The Gathering and Dropping

The ’90s NOW’ Royalty Share NFT collection will be released on OpenSea on March 25th. These assets are made up of the following eight hits from the Freskanova and Fresh Labels: Strike’s ‘You Know I Love You; I Have Peace; My Love Is 4 Real; Teardrop; Lovestation; Love Come Rescue Me; Electrotheque; Serious Danger; Mr. Roy; and Something About You.’.

Another four NFTs based on the band The Freestylers—two classic albums (We Rock Hard, and Pressure Point) and two hits (B Boy Stance and Ruffneck)—will be included. Fresh and Freskanova labels will be featured on two NFTs each.

Each track will have 100 NFT editions, and the collection as a whole will provide its owners with a 15% share of the label’s income (for ten years), including revenue from streaming, licencing, and other merchandise-related royalties.

The Way Ahead

According to their 2022 NFT release schedule, FRESHA intends to cultivate additional major dance floor classics as Royalty Share NFTs.

In total, the label plans to release seven NFT collections this year, with dance floor icons like Lu Lu, D Disko, Wildcat, and Roma said to be among the digital dance floor action.


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