HALO Virtual Human NFTs – Extend Your Existence in the Metaverse with HALO Virtual Human NFTs

HALO Virtual Human NFTs - Extend Your Existence in the Metaverse with HALO Virtual Human NFTs

HALO Virtual Human NFTs – Extend Your Existence in the Metaverse with HALO Virtual Human NFTs

It is an NFT initiative that recognises the need for interoperability between the digital and physical spheres in today’s society, particularly with the advent of Web3. Users may engage across several channels using this recognition, while also drawing inspiration from media platforms such as Instagram and Zoom. Users can manage virtual individuals on video platforms to live stream or attend video meetings, rather than having to create content.

There is a network of individual 3D avatar NFTs that are the result of designs created by a community-based group of 3D artists at the heart of the project. As part of the project’s long-term strategy, the HALO metaverse and all of its interoperability will be designed towards boosting the overall usefulness of these NFT avatars.


HALO Virtual Human NFTs are a kind of NFT that is used in HALO

Real-world individuals will be represented by Virtual Human NFTs, which may be virtual reproductions or alter egos of the player’s own physical selves (or perhaps a mix of both). By incorporating a highly detailed 3D aesthetic based on characteristics such as the head, ears, face, neck, arm, clothes, cosmetics, and hair into each identity, each identity transcends the limitations of a static photograph. They may also freely roam and express themselves across the metaverse, thanks to the use of highly realistic facial clues and body mannerisms as navigational aids.


User data and avatar identity can be easily managed in both wallets and dApps through an underlying data credential module, which provides high interoperability and commercial value across a wide range of dApps that support EVM compatible smart contracts. Users can also easily manage their data and avatar identity in both wallets and dApps through an underlying data credential module.


It is anticipated that HALO Concerts will be the first to introduce Virtual Human NFTs into the metaverse. There will be a total of five shows, with 1,000 NFTs being distributed in each. While participating in creative, operational, and administrative duties, the virtual people will be competing against one another before the real world leaves its imprint by voting on who should be crowned as the most outstanding competitors in the shows.


Best-performing participants will sign a contract with the blockchain-based organisation HALO, which will provide them with lucrative business routes throughout the ecosystem through their top-performing Virtual Human NFTs, including commercialised endorsements, blockchain authentic rights, and ancillary trademark copyrights.


Each programme will be based on a distinct idea, with the first focusing on female empowerment and awarding the most outstanding female characters.



In order to achieve its ultimate goal of expanding its platform to include everything from media to fashion to work to entertainment to life in general, the HALO team has developed a five-part strategy.


Stage 1 has already begun, and it was centred on the inception of the project and its protocol, NFT 3D modelling, community growth, and the introduction of the project’s website. Stage 2 will begin in the next weeks.


The first of the five HALO SHOWS will take place during Stage 2 of the competition. Following this will be the start of voting, engagement, and community activity dynamics, as well as the introduction of a tool that will enable users to independently create co-branded posters with other projects, among other features.


A HALO merchandise shop, which will cooperate with leading companies to offer apparel, jewellery, music, dolls, and more, will open in Stage 3, as will the second instalment of NFTs, which will be unveiled during the second HALO SHOW. Stage 3 will also see the release of the second instalment of NFTs. A greater amount of effort will be done in this area, with the help of a DAO governance structure, in order to wring out every last drop of economic value for its virtual human users.


The third HALO SHOW will take place on Stage 4, and it will be followed by an online metaverse 3D artwork display and concert, as well as an interactive session with top celebrities, including joint endorsements and other commercial activities with the celebrities.


After completing the last step of the project’s current roadmap, HALO will formally launch itself into the metaverse, with its Virtual Human NFTs joining multiple metaverses like Decentraland, NFT Worlds, and The Sandbox, and other similar environments.


Stage 5 will also witness the launch of improved HALO content centred on virtual reality technology, enhanced gameplay, role-playing, and the production of a completely 3D metaverse aesthetic, among other things. In addition, the fourth and fifth HALO SHOWS will take place around this time, with each show being followed by a period of DAO governance to better understand the economic worth of its Virtual Human NFTs.



The decentralised artist community that is driving the project is comprised of a diverse and multicultural group of 3D artists from several countries, including India, Russia, Jordan, and France. Its members have previous experience working with film production businesses such as Disney, journalists, video game developers, sculptors, digital artists, and other non-profit organisations (NFT).


Make sure to participate in the forthcoming AMA event on Twitter Spaces to have the opportunity to speak with the 3D artists working on the project. During the event, they will be discussing HALO NFTs, 3D art and other relevant stuff, and whitelist spaces will be distributed at random to members of the crowd.


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