From 1stDibs, the Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibit

From 1stDibs, the Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibit

From 1stDibs, the Flower-Inspired NFT Art Exhibit

1stDibs, a leading marketplace for remarkable design, is best recognized for its high-end furniture, jewellery, and art offerings. The company’s opulent bow also includes auctions and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is a continuance of the brand’s commitment to promoting quality, authenticity, and curation that has made 1stDibs NFT art marketplace a premier destination for individuals seeking the most beautiful things on Earth.

‘BL00M’ is the name of the company’s April NFT art exhibition, which features Ignasi Monreal and four other notable CryptoArtists. Even though each of the seven artworks is the work of a different artist, they all revolve around the human relationship to nature, with flowers as the exhibition’s focal point.

These are known as NFTs

The classic Poppy, Lotus, and Tulip flowers serve as the inspiration for Monreal’s nine works of art, each of which aims to combine the wonders of nature with the seemingly arbitrary complexity of human beings.

The first is by using three flowers that have a deep connection to human existence: the poppy alludes to opium and thus the addictive nature of cryptocurrency exchanges; the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and spiritual awakening, as well as prosperity and success; and the tulip flower represents ‘financial bubbles’ created by humans, referencing the ‘tulip mania’ of Holland in the 17t century.

One of the most innovative NFT ideas to date comes from Monreal in the form of his ‘dynamic digital garden’ concept. By letting its floral art bloom when the asset is sold or wilt when the market is empty, each work of art represents the ever-changing dynamics of what we humans label “crypto” (as in “cryptocurrency”). Changing sky and buzzing insects, for example, will be featured in the artworks to help you develop your floral intuition and gain insight into the current status of the crypto market.

Monreal’s nine different and dynamic designs were made with the help of NO GHOST, a London-based animation studio. Another group of artists who share 1stDibs and Monreal’s interest in poetry and flowers is featured in the BL00M collection.

As the centrepiece, the London-based artist CoverArtGuy’s “What a Beautiful Place to Breakdown” depicts a woman leaning into an old car in a floral haven. Putting a car in the middle of nature, as the artist did, is a metaphor for the necessity to take a step back and change one’s perspective when dealing with the sometimes unconscious aspects of one’s own experience.

This work of art by SOULPAINTS depicts a Gustav Klimt-inspired angel surrounded by cosmic symbols including the sun, moon, earth’s orbital path, and a sunflower. The piece’s title is a play on the phrase “student of knowledge,” which appears in the hermetic philosophy of the 17th century.

Dreamscape artwork by German-based artist Aris Roth displays an eye-catching female figure who appears to be boosted by the flower-filled surroundings around her in ‘Bedroom View’.

The final piece, ‘Wild Thoughts’ by Shay the Surrealist, depicts a silhouette of a young man’s head turned into a Northern Renaissance-style collage, which is a metaphor. Florals, fruits, and a hummingbird are all depicted in the man’s head in a way that reveals the most prominent portions of a human’s neck and skull.

In the BL00M Bidding War

In order to start the clock on the auction, each asset’s reserve price has to be met. The reserve price might range from 1.0000 (2,290 GBP) to 4.0000 (£9,160 GBP) for a piece of art. In other words, no two of these pieces are the same.

1stDibs’s Additional NFTs Efforts

In other words, BL00M is 1stDibs’ 11th NFT exhibition, which means the site has plenty of notable digital art pieces to choose from. As a result, the shows are also inspired by many different artistic genres and subjects, including genres such as “net art,” “realism,” “surrealism,” “3D animation,” “music production,” and “formal aspects of the digital canvas” and more.

Web3 art lovers have already scooped up a number of pieces from these exhibitions via auction. Check out 1stDibs’ exhibition page for any remaining pieces if none of these catch your eye.

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