For the Cannes Film Festival, Pplpleasr is launching ‘Producer Pass’ NFTs

For the Cannes Film Festival, Pplpleasr is launching 'Producer Pass' NFTs

For the Cannes Film Festival, Pplpleasr is launching ‘Producer Pass’ NFTs

To celebrate the Cannes Film Festival, digital artist pplpleasr (also known as Emily Yang) has collaborated with Brut Media to offer a limited-edition set of NFTs that provide entrance to in-person events. Because pplpleasr is committed to empowering female content creators, all earnings from the sale will be donated to the Annenberg Accelerator Program, a University of Southern California initiative.

In order to mint the 75 animated Producer Pass NFTs, pplpleasr’s own NFT platform Shibuyu is required. An animated loop of a white fox going down a red carpet will be included on all NFTs, however, the more complex qualities of the NFTs will be decided by their tier level.

It costs 5 ETH ($14,000) to mint a “Bronze” grade NFT that allows its owner to attend the festival’s red carpet event and a film screening on the first day. For $6,800, you can get entrance to the red carpet event and a screening of a select film like ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Elvis,’ or ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing.

An NFT that grants entrance to either the opening or closing ceremonies of the 75th Cannes Film Festival (as well as the associated red carpet event) will cost 7 ETH ($19,600) to mint.

As a female creator, I think it’s incredibly essential to have tools and role models we can look up to in any field,” pplpleasr said while discussing the collection and her role as a famous female designer in the sector. NFTs may have a significant positive impact on society, and I attempt to demonstrate this via my words and actions.

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