First Automated Metaverse Advertising System by NFT Plazas

First Automated Metaverse Advertising System by NFT Plazas

First Automated Metaverse Advertising System by NFT Plazas

For the first time ever, the Metaverse will be able to upload and pay for personalized billboard adverts via an automated book-and-pay system, thanks to NFT Plazas. This is the first-of-its-kind advertising solution in the Metaverse, helping Decentraland onboard thousands of new brands with an intuitive and fast user interface.

Intuitive Advertising Methods for the Metaverse

A global audience can be reached in a matter of minutes without the need to code or construct in the Metaverse. Anyone from anywhere in the world can connect to the Metaverse through the simple checkout process, and their branding message can be shown on billboards throughout Decentraland in prime locations without requiring any specific abilities.

In the words of NFT Plazas’ founder Chris Thomas, “This is the first step to making Metaverse advertising easily accessible for any forward-thinking brands looking for exposure in the Metaverse.”

Its Mechanisms

Brands, initiatives, and potential customers may be seen on a global scale and connected directly to the Decentraland community through the use of a simple five-click booking system that allows them to easily teleport to various locations across the globe.

There are two ad categories, each with a distinct billboard size, and users can construct their own billboards. Customers can also keep tabs on their campaign’s success using a custom reporting dashboard. Statistics include the overall number of views, views by Metaverse location, visitors’ geolocation, and languages spoken by visitors.

Prices start at just 0.01 ETH and are based on a pay-per-view subscription model. Your Decentraland billboard advertising campaign can be customized to receive the number of views you choose, and the price is based on a sliding scale. In the following weeks, this system will be expanded to include virtual environments like Voxels, Somnium Space, and more.

In the Metaverse, innovators and companies who wish to establish themselves as thought leaders in the field will need to advertise.

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