Episode 1 of The Music NFT Show

Episode 1 of The Music NFT Show

Episode 1 of The Music NFT Show

Last week, NFT Plazas released the Pilot episode of our brand-new Music NFT Show. This week, Episode 1 is coming back. This is our very first podcast show with the amazing J.Thorn, who is an up-and-coming author, musician, and podcaster who always knows what’s cool in music and NFTs.

J.Thorn and his talented daughter Q talk about a wide range of music news and topics on NFT. Q hosts the weekly spotlight on an artist and tells you what’s cool and popular in music NFTs.

So, put on your headphones and tune in to hear some epic beats and talk about what’s new in Web3 music. Check out the notes about this week’s episode below, and then give it a listen!

Music News NFT

The Venice Music Collective is here! – “The Venice Music Collective is a gated token membership for the Venice ecosystem. Its goal is to make the music industry a fairer place for independent musicians.”

“Triphonic audio is the start of a new way for us to hear sounds. Cell Alpha is unlike any other speaker because it can read your room and give you clear, custom sound wherever you are.

LimeWire and Universal Music Group make a deal about music NFT licensing. – “We’re happy to tell you that we’ve made a deal with Universal Music Group to license content around the world. This opens up the LimeWire collectibles market to all artists who are part of Universal Music Group.”

Taking on FUD

Michael Stelzner talks to Michael McGuiness of gm. Xyz is about a new way to use social media on the Crypto Business Podcast.

Thanks to NFTNow, Crypto Boy will be an NFT.

Vault, a new platform for creators and fans with “keys” to mint and trade, will launch on May 26.

The CEO of this joined my Twitter feed. Nigel Eccles – Launches May 26

Music Chart NFT

This week’s Top of the Blocks has information about

  1. Ether (ft. MNDR) #40 (weekly vol 2.8 ETH)
  2. black eyes (with Mara Anne) #29 (weekly vol 2.27 ETH)
  3. Mint Vinyl (weekly vol 1.88 ETH)

Artist Spotlight featuring Q

Ziggurats (Mike Shinoda)


We’re glad you listened to the Music NFT Show. Make sure to go to MusicNFTShow.com to get your free VIP backstage pass to our exclusive community.

What’s up? Tweet @JThorn_ or use the hashtag #musicnftshow to share news or suggest artists for the Artist Spotlight.

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