Bulls and Apes Project Offers Non-Fixed-Odds Bets With a Lot of History

Bulls and Apes Project Offers Non-Fixed-Odds Bets With a Lot of History

Bulls and Apes Project Offers Non-Fixed-Odds Bets With a Lot of History

Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) tells the story of how a Bull species made by humans changed over time as it followed its natural curiosity and eventually found out about the culture of the people who made it.

Even though the project is exciting and has a lot of backstories, the storyline is currently unfinished. It looks like the human who made it is about to use an army of Apes to cause trouble in a society that has been mostly peaceful. This may seem cruel at first, but it’s not just for the Bulls’ benefit. Without competition and conflict, society can’t move forward.

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The 10,000 unique Bulls are made by a person with a clear vision who decided to start his own society from scratch after sharing their knowledge with many other civilizations and planets far away.

By combining human and Bull genes, the Bulls have become two-legged walkers with a variety of genes (traits) that make them different from “original” Bulls. All of them came from the depths of the Mountain of Creation, which was made by the creator’s power.

As part of their creator’s plan, each Bull has a birthmark on the bottom of its foot that represents a different Guild. Each Guild left the Mountain of Creation in its own way, which led to them building their own separate, but growing, societies.

As each society grew, people started to wonder about their ability to reproduce and how they had evolved. This led to the Bulls finding out about the cultures of their creators and genetic cousins, the humans. Here, Bulls began to follow the rules of humans, but about half of the population decided to stay true to their roots. To the creator’s surprise, and unlike with humans, this division didn’t lead to any fights. Instead, it led to a period of peace that stopped progress.

For now, the story of B.A.P. ends with the creator making plans to let Apes into Bull societies to make the Bulls show more of the traits he liked in the first place, like loyalty, power, and aggression.

Project Useful

When you own a B.A.P. NFT, you can use it in a number of ways, starting with the Bulls’ own artistic style. Each OG Bull is a one-of-a-kind 3D generative rendering with a wide range of traits and rarities, so there is a style for everyone.

Holding a B.A.P NFT gives you Methane ($METH) tokens every day, at a rate of 10 METH per day for OG Bull NFTs. These tokens can be used to buy new NFTs, get into IRL events, or buy anything else in the B.A.P metaverse.

There is also the Inner Circle, which has information from the Web3 industry, and you can be a part of the B.A.P. community by going to IRL events, conferences, parties, partnerships, physical and mental health wellness initiatives, mentorship programs, and charity events.

The goal of the project is to make a difference in the lives of people in the community that will last. Using the experience, knowledge, and connections they’ve made over the course of their careers, the founders want to give people access to education, mentorship, and opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Since B.A.P was already fully funded before the mint, making money isn’t a top priority for the project. This means that mint funds can be locked away and retrieved through a flexible policy called the Money-Back Guarantee (which is active from 31 days post mint until 180 days post mint).

On May 31 at 5 p.m. EDT, 10,000 OG Bulls will be minted for the first time. In the future, 9,000 Teen Bulls and 500 God Bulls will be minted.


The B.A.P. team knows everything and has a lot of experience. CEO Anthony Mongiello is a leader in operations and technology with almost 20 years of experience in business development and road mapping related to technology. Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol, the two other co-founders of the project, have a lot of experience working on mobile games, software development, and marketing. In fact, their previous project is now part of a $1.5 billion business, which shows how much experience they have in these areas.

You can learn more about the people behind the projects by listening to them on podcasts like Crypto Business, Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Nifty Show, My NFT Journey, NFT 365, and The Mojo NFT Show, or by going to the project’s YouTube channel.


After the upcoming 100% pre-funded mint of OG Bulls, God Bulls, Super-Rare God Bulls, Stylin’ Teen Bulls, Apes, and other collections will be released, along with a physical card game concept that will tie them all together.

In the future, a B.A.P. metaverse will be made, along with possible gaming partnerships and official fashion and toy merchandise.

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